Koh Bon

Just north-east of the famous Similan Islands lies the small peaceful island of Koh Bon. Koh Bon is a sedimented limestone island featuring a beautiful ridge and pinnacle. The island does not have any beaches but it is truly a scuba diving paradise. The Koh Bon Dive Site is a world-class diving area that divers should not miss when visiting the oceans in the south of Thailand.

Diving in Koh Bon will give you a superb experience and you will be amazed by the spectacular sights. The island features fertile flora and fauna and an incredibly beautiful underwater world. Under the crystal-clear turquoise water, there are colorful deep-water coral reefs that are home to many different species of tropical fish. The corals found off the island are both soft and hard corals mixed with staghorn coral, brain coral, and a few big coral heads. If you are lucky, you might even spot some of the manta rays that have been known to swim in the area.


There are two major diving spots in Koh Bon. One is at the ridge and the other is at the pinnacle of the island. The first diving site lies along the ridge jutting out from the west of the island. Here at the ridge, divers can see all kinds of animals. It is the best spot to meet the giant manta rays while also exploring pastel-shaded soft corals, sea fans, and sea anemones. Manta rays are often spotted over the ridge or in the deep-water, where leopard sharks can also be found. This area is also a good location to meet tiny purple fire goby.

The pinnacle is another famous spot for Koh Bon Diving. Heading over to the north-west of the island, divers will experience an adventurous deep dive. The submerged pinnacle is at a depth of 18 to 45 meters and has an abundance of yellow soft corals covering it. Here at the pinnacle, divers have a chance to dive with manta rays and leopard sharks as well. The north side of the pinnacle falls steeply while a long swim is available between the south side and the main island.

Another highlight of this island, apart from its famous diving sites, is the island hole, which was caused by thousands of years of water erosion.

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