Boonsung Wreck

Thailand is world-renowned for its beautiful beaches and crystal-clear waters. Besides that, Thailand’s seas are also rich with a plethora of marine life, making it one of the most famous diving destinations on Earth.

Plenty of amazing dive sites are out there in the coastal waters of southern Thailand. For diving enthusiasts, Boonsung Wreck is a must-visit site. It is located just off the coast of Bang Sak in the famous Khao Lak area. Boonsung Wreck diving is a bit more special than other dive sites. As implied by its name, this diving spot is home to a sunken ship. The wreck used to be a dredging ship owned by the Boonsung tin mining company. After it sunk in 1985, the wreck became an artificial reef and a shelter for a wide array of marine species. Then in 2004, the wreck was hit by the Tsunami and broken up into several large pieces. Though it is unrecognizable from its original structure, the area is now an amazing spot for diving. Let’s explore this fascinating spot!

Meet the marine life
Known as “Fish Soup” by the locals, the Boonsung Wreck will surely offer great experiences for divers as both small and large species of fish make this area their home. As you dive down into the wreck, you will pass through clouds of smaller fish such as snappers, trevally, fusiliers, barracuda, and batfish. A larger group of porcupine fish may come around to greet you as well. Seeking for scorpionfish and crocodile fish around the reef area is a fun thing to do because these creatures are masters of camouflage. Just make sure to be careful because these creatures can sting! You’ll also get to see the blue-spotted stingrays that dig in the sand, hunting for shallow sand-dwelling animals such as shrimp and crabs. What’s more, a wide variety of colourful nudibranchs will stay around the reef area to keep you amazed with the site.
Apart from these smaller species, divers will also have the chance to see larger fish. If you’re lucky, you might spot whale sharks, as they regularly frequent this area. Large moray eels, including both White-eyed moray and the beautiful Honeycomb moray, often visit the site too!
Boonsung Wreck is a perfect diving destination for both beginners and experienced divers. At its 14-19 metres depth, it is ideal for beginners. The area features mild currents while plenty of small fish swim around to entertain you. Experienced divers can also appreciate the sandy-bottom area of the dive site. It is where you will meet with more marine species while also exploring the ruins. However, you just have to be extra careful with the old rusty metals.
With its short distance from the mainland (about 5 kilometres), it is possible to take a day trip here from Khao Lak. A liveaboard trip to Boonsung Wreck is also a great choice and it is usually the last stop before going back to the mainland.
With all experiences you will meet here at Boonsung Wreck Thailand, why not spend a few dives exploring this area? So, grab your mask and get ready for your diving adventure!